HeyHey Studios is a recording studio located 40 miles south of Atlanta, in historic downtown Griffin, Georgia. Our 1500 square foot loft-style facility features a large, open two-story live room (perfect for tracking drums and ensembles), three iso rooms (for vocals, amplifiers, and acoustic instruments), and a kitchen/lounge area. The spaces are accessed by three independent control rooms, operated by three in-house producer/engineers, all with the tools and experience necessary to bring your project to life. We've had the pleasure of hosting first-call professional musicians and producers, major and indie label artists, as well as independent bands and songwriters.

At HeyHey Studios, we understand that every project is different and deserves its own unique attention. No matter the size of the band or the size of the budget, our goal is always the same - to work as one with the artist in developing an overall vision and making that vision a reality by creating the best sound recording possible.

Recording services include the following:
- Pre-Production
- Arranging
- Tracking
- Producing
- Engineering
- Editing
- Mixing
- Mastering

Please contact us to discuss your project or schedule a tour of the studio.



134 W Solomon St
Griffin, GA 30223